Bioorganometallic Chemistry # 64807

Bio-Organometallic Chemistry: From Biological Systems to Medicinal Applications – 64807

Syllabus: The course is used to highlight the diversity and strength of organometallics in biological and medicinal spheres. The content of the course will demonstrate the biological and medicinal utilization of organometallic species including main-group-metal and early-transition-metal complexes, as well as the better-known later-transition-metal complexes, focusing on their structural types and a wide range of applications.

Some of the topics to be discussed:
- Metal-ligand bonding
- Organometallic targets to specific biological sites (development of novel therapies)
- Labeling of proteins with organometallic complexes
- Organometallic bio-probes
- Genosensors based on metal complexes

The course is not merely welcome source of information, but one that stimulates the field of biological-organometallic chemistry field further, motivating students to use their skills and knowhow to solve problems in chemistry, biology and medicine.